Winners of 2nd BSV Hackathon announced at CoinGeek Seoul conference

After 48 hours of coding from August 17-19 and even more hours of preparation, the winners of the 2nd Bitcoin SV Virtual Hackathon were announced Tuesday. The theme of the second hackathon, organized by Bitcoin Association, focused on creating projects that would strongly encourage the new paradigm of earning and using Bitcoin SV (BSV). Participants were tasked to build applications that would allow inventive ways for ordinary users to use small amounts of BSV to gain value.

Winners of 2nd BSV Hackathon announced at CoinGeek Seoul conference


The hackathon reached its conclusion at the CoinGeek Seoul Conference, which is taking place from October 1-2. Three amazing projects were presented during Day 1 of the conference, and it was Codugh, led by Shashank Singhal and Andrew Snow, winning the US$20, 000 (paid in BSV) top prize. Hive took second place and US$10,000 in BSV, followed by BitQ&A in third place with US$5,000 in BSV.


Codugh is a solution designed to address a problem faced by all developers globally—a simple solution to monetize APIs. The platform connects API developers and API consumers, and each time a consumer makes a successful API call, they have to pay a microtransaction. This creates an unparalleled mechanism that encourages new developers to onboard into the BSV ecosystem.

Hive is a “beehive” that connects information added by individuals around the world. Every content node containing the information needs one or more linked nodes and for every link to a node, it has a dynamic cost. The users are notified when new content is added, and the information is fetched directly from the blockchain.

BitQ&A is an application where one can ask a question or answer the ones submitted by other people. Think Quora or StackOverflow with a Bitcoin-based incentive model. BitQ&A could be used as a general knowledge platform aimed at the general population, and also for specialized knowledge sites aimed at niche groups. A bounty is put on a question and payment is required to respond, so it encourages high-quality answers and alleviates spam. Answers are voted on and funds are distributed to the author of the best answer and previous voters.

The 2nd BSV Virtual Hackathon was a huge success and it will only encourage more developers and creators to build creative solutions that take advantage of the power of BSV scaling.

Catch the Day 2 livestream of the CoinGeek Seoul Conference here.