ElectrumSV wallet update fixes coin-splitting faucet

The powerful and feature focused ElectrumSV wallet team has announced the release of version 1.2.4 of their Bitcoin SV (BSV) focused wallet. The release focuses on a few vital changes to keep coin-splitting working in the wallet, as well as what blockchain supporters it supports.

Announced in a Medium blog post, the update carefully explains each update, why it was necessary, and how the new functionality works, along with links to documentation.

Perhaps the most important change is a fix to get coin-splitting working once again. Sadly, coin-splitting was made unavailable for some time, as a malicious party got around restrictions and took advantage of the faucet containing all of ElectrumSV’s BSV supply. This mandated a fix that would protect the faucet from further abuse. Roger Taylor explained:

The faucet has been changed to require a captcha, and the way the loser was stealing the funds will no longer work. Also, because we now require the person who is splitting to use the web site directly, this gives the faucet even more leeway to be updated if the loser decides to attack the faucet again.

The full explanation of how to perform coin-splitting, the process of separating BSV from SegWitCoin (BTC) and Bitcoin Cash (BCHABC), is explained in the blog. While it’s mostly the same as it was when ElectrumSV launched, it now will pop-up a browser to collect the faucet dust necessary for the procedure. This will work for wallets on the mainnet, but also wallets on the testnet and the Scaling Test Network (STN), for developers looking to try out their work.

The upgrade also brings changes to the block explorers used by ElectrumSV. Blockchair explorer, which was previously removed because of its insistence in keeping the outdated “cash address.” As the site has now dropped that address format, it fits back in with the standards ElectrumSV has been keeping, and has been re-added.

They used that update to broadcast that other blockchain explorers that wish to be included in the wallet will need to follow Blockchair’s path and remove cash addresses, singling out bsv.btc.com as an example of an explorer they are not currently supporting for that reason.

ElectrumSV has been a feature filled BSV wallet since January, when they released their Desktop wallet for the original Bitcoin. They’ve also signaled that they want to focus on broader adoption by making their wallet friendlier to all users.

Update: This article previously stated ElectrumSV’s coin-splitting faucet was hacked. That was in error, and this article has been updated accordingly.




Bitcoinユーザーと、昔ながらの金融機関からよく聞くBitcoinについてのぼやきは、その扱いにくいことこの上ないアドレスフォーマットについてだろう。とてつもなく長く、ランダムに混じるアルファベットと数字の文字列がBitcoinの送受信に必要となっている。Money ButtonのCEOであるRyan X Charlesは、Bitcoin協会の他の会員と共同*で、BSVエコシステムにおけるこの問題をPaymailで解決した。元祖Bitcoin(BSV)は、現時点ですでに、VISA並みのトランザクションレベルのスケール実際の日々の利用に耐えうることを証明している。面倒なBitcoinアドレスの必要性を排除することでBSVの日々の利用は更に容易なものになった。今ではBitcoinの送金はEメールを送るくらい簡単だ。

· Paymailはユーザーが利用する際にBitcoinアドレスを省略する新しいアイデンティティープロトコルである
· PaymailではEメールアドレスと全く同一に見える実名を用いる
· PaymailアドレスはBitocoinアドレスに比べ、覚えたり、書いたり、タイプしたり、携帯電話で打ち込むのがずっと簡単である
· PaymailはBSVを送受信するあらゆる取引、サービス、アプリケーションで利用可能
· Paymailの立ち上げ時から、デジタル署名と暗号化に利用するパブリックキーの共有用に拡張機能を装備。
· Paymailは既に実用化済。Money ButtonはPaymailを完全に導入・稼働し、ElectrumSVとHandCashウォレットとの互換性も検証済み。Centbeeウォレットも導入を計画中。
· Paymailは特にGmailやその他の著名Eメールサービスなど、既存の身元確認システムと互換性があり、事業者・ユーザーとも既に利用中の身元証明システムを変更することなくBitcoin BSVの利用にスムーズに移行可能。


Bitcoin協会の創設者・会長のジミー・グエンはMoney Buttonとその他Bitcoin協会メンバーの協力によるこの簡素化の卓越した達成を称賛する。


*PaymailはBitcoin SVエコシステム全体のためにnChainMoney ButtonHandcashCentbeeそしてElectrumSVと共同で設計・開発された。またPaymail はBSVをサポートするBitcoinビジネスのリーディング・グローバル・オーガニゼーションであるBitcoin協会のワークショップから生まれた。PaymailはオープンBSVライセンスのもとで利用可能で、Bitcoin(BSV)を扱うあらゆるアプリケーションにて無料で利用可能である。Paymailは5月29日のトロント・コイン・ギーク・カンファレンスで発表されている。

詳細情報・インタビュー・写真についてはEd Pownallまでご連絡下さい。
 [email protected] または +44 7825 064776


페이메일이 비트코인(BSV)용 ‘긴 주소’ 문제를 근절하며, 현재 운용 중입니다.

영어로 읽으려면 여기를 클릭하십시오.

사용자와 전통 사고방식을 가진 금융기관이 유사하게 비트코인에 대해 가장 일반적인 불평사항 중 하나는 너무 긴 형식의 주소양식입니다. 이는 비트코인을 전송 및 수신하는 데 필요한 글자와 숫자가 조합되어 단어 수가 긴 무작위 문자열입니다. *비트코인 연합의 다른 회원들과 협력하는 머니 버튼(Money Button)의 대표인 라이언 엑스 찰스(Ryan X Charles)는 페이메일을 이용한 BSV 생태계로 이 문제를 해결했습니다. 오리지널 비트코인(BSV)은 현재 VISA에 가까운 거래 수준으로 확장될 수 있음을 입증했으며 실생활에서 매일 유용함을 보여주고 있습니다. BSV는 현재 번거로운 비트코인 주소의 필요를 충족시킴으로 매일 쉽게 사용할 수 있게 했으며, 비트코인 전송은 이메일 전송과 같이 쉬워졌습니다:

· 페이메일은 사용자의 경험에서 비트코인 주소를 제거하는 비트코인 새로인 ID프로토콜입니다
· 페이메일은 이메일 주소와 완전히 똑같은 실제 이름을 사용합니다
· 페이메일 주소는 비트코인 주소보다 폰에서 기억, 기록, 입력 또는 탭 하기가 훨씬 쉽습니다
· 페이메일은 BSV를 전송 또는 수신하는 교환, 서비스 또는 애플리케이션에 의해 사용될 수 있습니다
추가: 페이메일은 단순히 송금용이 아닙니다:
· 페이메일 출시 시 디지털 서명과 암호화에 사용될 공개 키 공유 확장이 포함되었습니다
· 페이메일의 현주소: 머니 버튼은 완전히 구현되고 페이메일을 작동시키며 구현하는 일렉트럼SV(ElectrumSV)와 핸드캐시(HandCash) 지갑과 상호 정보 교환이 가능하도록 테스트 되었습니다. 센트비(Centbee) 지갑 또한 구현할 계획입니다
· 페이메일은 특히 지메일과 다른 유명한 이메일 서비스와 같이 현존하는 ID 시스템과 호환을 할 수 있기에 비즈니스와 사용자는 본인들의 기존의 ID 시스템을 변경할 필요 없이 비트코인 BSV 사용으로 매끄럽게 전환하는 옵션이 있습니다

단순함의 변화, 장벽의 전환

비트코인 연합회 창립회장인 지미 구엔(Jimmy Nguten)은 다음과 같이 밝혔습니다. “우리는 단순성 면에서 이 놀라운 성과를 이룬 머니 버튼과 기타 비트코인 연합회 멤버들의 공동 작업을 진심으로 축하합니다. 페이메일은 전세계의 사용자와 비즈니스가BSV을 채택하는 것에 가장 초점을 맞춘 비트코인 생태계의 또 다른 예입니다.”

*페이메일은 비트코인 SV 생태계 전반에 걸친 이익을 위해 nChain, Money Button, Handcash, CentbeeElectrumSV에 의해 합작으로 설계되고 개발되었습니다. 이는 BSV가 지원하는 비트코인 비즈니스의 세계적인 선도 기관인 비트코인 연합회의 워크숍에서 알려졌습니다. 페이메일은 공개 BSV 라이선스 하에 있으며 비트코인(BSV)의 어떤 애플리케이션에서는 무료로 사용할 수 있습니다. 페이메일은 5월 29일 토론토의 코인긱 콘퍼런스에서 발표되었습니다.

더 많은 정보, 인터뷰 또는 사진을 원하시면[email protected] 또는 +44 7825 064776로 에드 포널(Ed Pownall )에게 연락하십시오.


Live now: Paymail eradicates ‘long address’ issue for Bitcoin (BSV)

Click here to read in Chinese.

One of the most vocal complaints about Bitcoin from users and the old-fashioned financial institutions alike is the unwieldy address format – a long, random string of alphanumeric characters needed to send and receive Bitcoin. Money Button CEO Ryan X Charles, in *collaboration with other members of Bitcoin Association, has solved this issue for the BSV ecosystem with PaymailThe original Bitcoin (BSV) has already proven it can – right now – scale to transaction levels close to VISA and has shown real, everyday utility. BSV is now making everyday use even easier by dispensing with the need for cumbersome Bitcoin addresses; now sending Bitcoin is as easy as sending email:

• Paymail is a new identity protocol for Bitcoin that removes Bitcoin addresses from the user experience
• Paymail uses actual names that look exactly the same as email addresses
• Paymail addresses are much easier to remember, write, type or tap into a phone than Bitcoin addresses
• Paymail can be used by any exchange, service or application that sends or receives BSV

Plus: Paymail is not just for sending money:

• Included in the launch of Paymail is an extension for sharing public keys for use in digital signatures and encryption
• Paymail exists now: Money Button has fully implemented and launched Paymail and the implementation has been tested to be interoperable with the ElectrumSV and HandCash wallets. Centbee wallet also plans to implement it.
• Paymail is compatible with existing identity systems, particularly Gmail and other popular email services, so that businesses and users have the option to transition seamlessly to use Bitcoin BSV without altering their existing identity system.

Simplicity converts, barriers divert

Bitcoin Association Founding President Jimmy Nguyen comments: “We congratulate Money Button and other Bitcoin Association members for their collaboration on this outstanding achievement in simplicity. Paymail is another example of how BSV is the Bitcoin ecosystem most focused on global adoption by users and businesses.”

*Paymail was designed and developed collaboratively by nChain, Money Button, Handcash, Centbee, and ElectrumSV for the benefit of the entire Bitcoin SV ecosystem. It emerged from a workshop of Bitcoin Association, the leading global organization for Bitcoin business, which supports BSV. Paymail is available under the Open BSV License and free to use for any application on Bitcoin (BSV). Paymail was announced at the CoinGeek Conference in Toronto, on May 29. .

For further information, interviews or pictures please contact Ed Pownall: [email protected] or +44 7825 064776




用户和传统金融机构对于比特币最常有的一个抱怨就是地址格式的繁琐冗长,即发送和接收比特币需要一长串字母和数字随机组成的字符。MoneyButton首席执行官瑞安·查尔斯(Ryan X. Charles)与其他比特币协会的成员协作*,用Paymail为BSV生态系统解决了这个问题。原始比特币(BSV)已证明其现在可以扩容至接近VISA的交易水平,并已展示其真正的日常实用性。现在,BSV淘汰了冗长的比特币地址,使其日常使用变得更加简便;如今发送比特币变得和发送电子邮件一样容易:

• Paymail是一种全新的比特币身份协议,可以将比特币地址从用户体验中删除

• Paymail使用的是真正的名字,就像电子邮件地址一样
• 与比特币地址相比,Paymail地址更容易记忆、书写、键盘输入或手机输入
• 任何能够收发BSV的交易所、服务或应用程序都可以使用Paymail


• Paymail的推出还包括了扩展共享用于数字签名和加密的公钥
• Paymail现已上线:Money Button已全面实施并启动了Paymail,并且经过测试,其可以与ElectrumSV及HandCash钱包相互操作。Centbee钱包也将其归入实施计划中。
• Paymail可兼容现有的身份系统,尤其是Gmail和其他热门电子邮件服务系统,因此企业和用户可以无缝过渡到比特币BSV,而无需更改他们现有的身份系统。


比特币协会创始会长吉米·阮(Jimmy Nguyen)评论道:“我们祝贺Money Button和其他比特币协会成员在简易化方面协作取得如此非凡的成就。Paymail又一次证明了,BSV是专注于用户和企业的全球化应用的比特币生态系统。”

*Paymail是由nChainMoney ButtonHandcashCentbeeElectrumSV为了整个BSV生态系统利益,而共同设计和开发的。其诞生于比特币协会(比特币业务的全球领导性组织并支持BSV)的一次研讨会。Paymail可在开放BSV许可证下获取,并可在任何比特币(BSV)应用程序中免费使用。Paymail在5月29日多伦多举行的CoinGeek会议中宣布上线。

有关更多详情、采访或照片,请联系Ed Pownall:[email protected] 或+44 7825 064776

A new guide for splitting Bitcoin SV from Bitcoin Cash with ElectrumSV

A new guide for splitting Bitcoin SV from Bitcoin Cash with ElectrumSV

If you have some Bitcoin Cash (BCHABC) stored away in an Electron Cash wallet, and you’ve been wondering how you can split those coins to get your Bitcoin SV (BSV), there’s good news. The kind people over at the Bitcoin SV Node team at nChain have written a guide to do just that.

The guide was created by the fine folks at nChain, led by Steve Shadders, Director of Solutions and Engineering at nChain. While making the guide, they worked with the ElecrumSV team and suggested some user experience design tips which might be coming in the near future.

For your convenience, we provide a summary of the steps involve in splitting a coin, but if you want a more thorough walkthrough, we recommend checking out the original guide.

First, you’ll need to make sure you have the latest version of the ElectrumSV wallet. You can find it on their website for your operating system.

Now, don’t open your Electron Cash wallet with ElectrumSV. You might corrupt the wallet, and that would be bad. Instead, make sure they are in the standard location for Electrum SV wallets by copying them over. The ElectrumSV wallet will tell you it’s found your Electron Cash wallet if it doesn’t find an existing ElectrumSV wallet. That will do the job.

If you already have an ElectrumSV wallet, you won’t get this copying option when you open the app. Instead, you’ll see an option to “Import…” your Electron Cash wallet. That’s what you’ll want to do.

In the case that ElectrumSV doesn’t find a BCHABC wallet, it won’t give you that “Import…” option.

Once your BCHABC wallet is copied or imported, you have to split the coins. Select the wallet you copied or imported in from the previous steps with the “Choose” button. Then click on the “Coin Splitting” tab.

This tab will give you a rundown of how the splitting process works. It’s worth reading to understand how the process works, but the steps you’ll need to follow are pretty simple. Click the “Split” button, and then provide your password if your wallet was set with one.

Once the splitting process is over, you’ll see a transactions log in the “History” tab. You’re BSV will now be in the ElectrumSV wallet, minus the small fee required for splitting, and your BCHABC will be in the original Electrum Cash wallet.

That’s all it takes. Once you’ve followed all these steps, you’re ready to use your newly split Bitcoin SV.

ElectrumSV introduces desktop wallet option for BitcoinSV

ElectrumSV introduces desktop wallet option for Bitcoin SV

This article has been updated to include quotes from Neil Booth, developer of Electrum SV. 

More and more businesses are choosing to support Bitcoin SV (BSV), the only cryptocurrency to follow Satoshi Nakamoto’s original vision for Bitcoin, all the time. Now the bComm Association has announced the new ElectrumSV wallet, available now at electrumsv.io.

Cryptocurrency fans will know the original Electrum wallet, created for Bitcoin Core (BTC). It’s considered one of the top digital currency wallets because of the strong feature set it offers. This new ElectrumSV wallet will offer the following features on launch:

• Desktop functionality
• Integration with the Bitbox, Ledger and Keepkey hardware wallets
• Management of wallet keys and historical transactions
• An advanced interface that allows flexible import of private keys from other wallets.
• A new coin-splitting tool that allows users to split their pre-form Bitcoin Cash (BCH) coins into BSV coins.

The wallet was developed by Roger Taylor and Neil Booth. They previously were key developers for the Electron Cash wallet, also based on Electrum, for BCH. In the bComm Association press release, they explained they decided to develop for BSV because “Bitcoin SV is the only Bitcoin that follows the whitepaper and values being stable and non-experimental, ElectrumSV naturally builds on it.”

Electrum wallets are typically used by developers more than end users, and thus the focus on a desktop-bound, strong feature set for this first edition. ElectrumSV’s developers say they have no plans at the moment to develop a mobile wallet, as the teams behind HandCash, Centbee, PixelWallet and Cashpay already have that space well covered.

Besides those wallets, other businesses have been flocking to BSV since the November hard fork. WooCommerce, the WordPress payment playform, added support earlier this week. Money Button has also been strong in their support. Many exchanges have also added BSV pairs, and Circle Invest has made it available as an investment option as well.

Regardless, Taylor and Booth plan to continue building towards user experience and mass adoption. “We agree with the Bitcoin SV message that it’s time for Bitcoin to grow up, keep a stable protocol without constant developer experimentation, and move to its next phase for scaling and mass adoption,” they said. On their goal for the wallet, the developers explained, “ElectrumSV is contributing to that effort by leaving behind the developer-focused experience, and making a wallet with easy-to-use features for everyone. We intend to continue making more improvements for the future.”

When asked about their new coin-splitting tool, Booth told CoinGeek, “It works by combining coins received from a BSV-only faucet with the other coins in your wallet so that your coins become BSV-only coins from that point on.  You can recover your ABC coins using Electron Cash in the usual way, but only after performing the coin splitting procedure.”

What comes next for ElectrumSV? The plan is to improve the user experience and add more functionality. Booth said:

“We will be improving the robustness of ElectrumSV’s networking, wallet and other internals, and to scale it to much larger wallets.  We also intend several GUI improvements to make it easier to use and give it a more modern feel.  Personally I would like to improve multisig wallet support, add threshold signature technology, and improve the privacy of users using the wallet in a variety of ways.”

Jimmy Nguyen, Founding President of the bComm Association, warmly welcomed the ElectrumSV team to the fold. His group, as well as nChain and its Bitcoin SV Node team, assisted the developers. He said:

“We are thrilled to help Roger and Neil bring the strong legacy of the Electrum wallet to Bitcoin SV. The ElectrumSV team understands that Bitcoin is for everyone, not just for developers. That is why their approach to upgrade Electrum into a more user-friendly wallet for BSV is critical to help achieve the Satoshi Vision – a world where billions of people globally use Bitcoin every day.”

ElectrumSV Wallet Released for Bitcoin SV (BSV), the Original Bitcoin

ElectrumSV Wallet Released for Bitcoin SV (BSV), the Original Bitcoin

10 January 2019 –   The bComm Association announces the ElectrumSV wallet for Bitcoin SV (BSV), the rebirth of the original Bitcoin. ElectrumSV is a conversion – for the Bitcoin SV blockchain – of the popular Electrum wallet for Bitcoin. ElectrumSV version 1.0.0 is available at electrumsv.io and is provided for free usage under the open source MIT license.

The original Electrum wallet was created for the Bitcoin Core (BTC) chain, and is considered one of the top Bitcoin wallets because of its strong technical feature set. After the August 2017 hard fork which created Bitcoin Cash (BCH), a BCH version of Electrum was created under the name “Electron Cash.”

More recently, the November 15, 2018 hard fork of BCH led to BSV emerging as its own chain and token, dedicated to preserve Bitcoin’s original design. Named for the “Satoshi Vision” of Bitcoin’s creator Satoshi Nakamoto, Bitcoin SV’s mission is focused: restore the original Bitcoin protocol, keep it stable, and allow it to massively scale. 

This led developers Roger Taylor and Neil Booth to create a new version of the Electrum wallet dedicated to BSV. Roger and Neil were two productive developers of the Electron Cash version of Electrum. Neil also created the ElectrumX server software which is used almost exclusively by all Electrum-based wallets. However, finding no future on the Bitcoin Cash ABC (BCH/BAB) chain, they decided to create and release the ElectrumSV wallet for the BSV chain. As they explain on the ElectrumSV.io website: “. . . Bitcoin SV is the only Bitcoin that follows the whitepaper and values being stable and non-experimental, ElectrumSV naturally builds on it. “

ElectrumSV will focus on being a desktop wallet, leaving mobile wallet development to other BSV ventures such as Centbee, HandCash and Cashpay. Because it is based on both the Electrum and Electron Cash wallets, the ElectrumSV feature set includes:

• an advanced interface allowing flexible importing of private keys from other wallets;
• integration with hardware wallets such as Bitbox, Ledger and Keepkey; and
• management of wallet keys and historical transactions.

Given their more advanced feature set, the Electrum family of wallets (including Electron Cash) are known to be more suited to developers than consumer users. The ElectrumSV team intends to keep and extend the advanced feature set and flexible functionality inherited from Electrum, but will improve functions to be more user-friendly for the ordinary Bitcoin consumer.     

ElectrumSV’s user-friendly approach begins immediately with a key feature in the first release: a coin splitting tool to allow users to easily and safely split their pre-fork BCH coins into BSV coins. This addresses a common request from users since the November 2018 BCH hard fork which led to Bitcoin SV’s emergence.

Roger Taylor and Neil Booth remark:

“We agree with the Bitcoin SV message that it’s time for Bitcoin to grow up, keep a stable protocol without constant developer experimentation, and move to its next phase for scaling and mass adoption. ElectrumSV is contributing to that effort by leaving behind the developer-focused experience, and making a wallet with easy-to-use features for everyone. We intend to continue making more improvements for the future.”

Work on the ElectrumSV project is supported by the bComm Association, the first-ever organization dedicated to bCommerce (Bitcoin commerce) which brings together developers, merchants, exchanges, miners and other Bitcoin network participants. The bComm Association supports Bitcoin SV as the only stable, scalable blockchain that can achieve a world of bCommerce.

nChain, the blockchain research & development firm, and its Bitcoin SV Node team also assisted the ElectrumSV developers. nChain’s Jimmy Nguyen, Founding President of the bComm Association, remarks:

“We are thrilled to help Roger and Neil bring the strong legacy of the Electrum wallet to Bitcoin SV. The ElectrumSV team understands that Bitcoin is for everyone, not just for developers. That is why their approach to upgrade Electrum into a more user-friendly wallet for BSV is critical to help achieve the Satoshi Vision – a world where billions of people globally use Bitcoin every day.”