DrawBridge Lending offer Bitcoin (BSV) non-recourse loans with no margin calls

DrawBridge Lending现已上线以BSV担保无需追加保证金的无追索权贷款产品


现在您可以使用比特币SV(BSV)进行担保贷款,这是加密货币的又一先例。位于芝加哥的DrawBridge Lending现已提供可通过BSV担保的无追索权贷款,且无需支付追加保证金。这不是将来时而是现在时,正如DrawBridge的首席执行官Jason Urbans介绍道:“近期我们批准了一家实体以BSV和BTC作担保的贷款,这笔共七位数的贷款由第三方托管人监管。交易利率仅为3%,远低于市场标准利率。采用标准的衍生品期权策略,我们得以通过运转抵押品来提供此利率的贷款。”



BSV的支持者、艾尔集团(Ayre Group)和CoinGeek的所有者及创始人卡尔文·艾尔(Calvin Ayre)补充道:“当我第一次听说DrawBridge Lending对BSV的扩展计划时,其商业模式的明确性给我留下了极其深刻的印象,毋庸置疑,我非常高兴看到唯一可实现一切的货币正带来更多的实际商业效用。”


DrawBridge Lending offer Bitcoin (BSV) non-recourse loans with no margin calls

DrawBridge Lending offer Bitcoin (BSV) non-recourse loans with no margin calls

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More real business utility for the only blockchain that scales

In another cryptocurrency first, you can now secure loans against your Bitcoin BSV. Chicago-based DrawBridge Lending now offers BSV non-recourse loans with no margin calls. Not in the future but today, as DrawBridge CEO Jason Urban explains: “Recently, we loaned an entity a seven-figure sum secured by BSV and BTC posted with a third party regulated custodian. The interest rate on this transaction was 3%, well below standard market rates. We are able to lend the money at this rate by putting the collateral to work with the use of standard derivative option strategies.”

The main benefit of DrawBridge’s loan product is that the borrower can keep their BSV coin but generate sufficient returns to pay down the cost of funds. The borrower is free to deploy the cash proceeds for its own needs while retaining ownership, and potential price upside, of their coin. In this particular case, BSV price rallied 150% after the loan and the client retained the price appreciation which they would not have been able to do if they had simply liquidated the coin.

This is a noteworthy milestone for the BSV ecosystem for a couple of reasons. Firstly, it demonstrates that trade desks are willing to engage in options trades with BSV coins. This speaks volumes of how BSV is perceived by the professional trading community. Secondly, as the trading of derivatives on the coin becomes more widespread in the BSV ecosystem, finance professionals will create more useful products to deploy and unleash the full potential of the asset.

Calvin Ayre, owner and founder of the Ayre Group and CoinGeek, and supporter of BSV added: “When I first heard about how DrawBridge Lending were expanding into BSV, I was blown away by how obvious the business model was and, obviously, delighted to see further real-life business utility for the only coin that does it all.”

NB: The options are traded on the basis of a standard legal agreement called ISDA Master Agreements. These are common in the traditional financial world but are in the early stages of adoption in the digital world.