BSV Quasar Upgrade

To our Valued Customers,

The upcoming BSV Quasar upgrade on 24 July 2019 will take Bitcoin blockchain scaling to an unprecedented level. As part of this upgrade, support for the cashaddr address format will be discontinued. Currently, all SVPool customers provide us a cashaddr address for use to send your daily payouts from the pool’s mining revenue earnings. As a courtesy, SVPool will automatically convert all cashaddr addresses to the supported legacy format; after the Quasar upgrade, your daily payouts will be sent to the same wallet but using its legacy format address.

Please be assured that your coins on the BSV blockchain will not be affected by this change. You can log in to your SVPool dashboard account to view the legacy format address for the wallet you have provided for receipt of your daily payouts.

Please click on this link Quasar for information about the upgrade, and also see Wallets and Exchanges for a list of BSV wallets if you don’t already have one.

Yours truly,

SVPool Team