Welcome to SVPool

an initiative of Dr. Craig S. Wright

SVPool is a new public mining pool for Bitcoin SV (BSV) miners who support the original Satoshi Vision for Bitcoin.

“Bitcoin is the world’s first global electronic cash system that is designed to be stable and not be debased. By being a part of SV Pool, you can profit as you help to deliver stable money to the world.”

Dr. Craig S. Wright

Initially Zero Fees

SVPool’s fee is currently zero (please see FAQs for further details). Payouts are calculated every time a block is successfully mined using Miners Hash / Pool Hash * Reward * (1 -Pool Fee).

Optimised Performance

SVPool benefits from state-of-the-art infrastructure spread across the globe, with high security, and is also optimised for Chinese miners.

Daily Payouts

Payments are made automatically every 24 hours for sums exceeding the minimum payout of 0.001 BSV. Payouts are based on the PPLNS rate structure, while PPS+ would be supported in the near future.

How to choose a Bitcoin mining pool

Some factors you want to consider when choosing a mining pool

Mining pool’s fee

The cost miners bear for accessing the pool.

Pool’s minimum payout

The minimum amount you must mine in order to get paid.

Pool’s total uptime

How much mining time the pool has accumulated.

Pool’s total hash power

The speed at which the pool can solve cryptographic puzzles.

Interested in mining with SVPool?